Lazy life

IMG_20170524_232756Life is all lazy now
And seems so easy
Well .. It is never that
Bread and butter
It always has a twist
To turn your head
Upside down
And again all things become
Messy around
Waiting for the sound
That will be all to make it
For the fall to start

By Sampriti Das(doyel)

Escape from reality

IMG-20170504-WA0004Escape from reality is not so easy. 

But the idea is quite sassy. 

Not all can do that…. 

You need to have talent

Called Sleep… 

Yes u read it right… That’s so deep. 

You close your eyes and see the world

You want to see… 

A vast sea

Butterflies on above

Or any other weird imagination 

will seem like reality

So close ur eyes once 

And see ur world dance. 

-By Sampriti Das (doyel)

To the people who surrounds the depressed ones.

It is really sad that most of the people cannot understand the difference between sadness and depression.

Most of the times we hear that :

1.You are too young to be depressed.

2.You are too rich to be depressed.

3.You haven’t faced much problems to be depressed.

And the list goes on.. And on.

Let’s not make people guilty of being depressed. It’s a disease which cannot be controlled. It can strike to anyone. And there is no way someone can do something about it.

Consulting a psychologist doesn’t mean you are mad. It is as simple as consulting a doctor when we have some bodily disease.

Let us try to help the people suffering from depression and not increase their depression.

From a victim of depression.

By Sampriti Das (doyel)

My Beloved Grandfather#4

Life is cruel
My mind dwell
Thought God is there
To always linger

But now I am sure
There is no cure
Of this aching heart
You have been part

Part by the so called Supreme power
Whom everybody thinks blessing it showers
But I no more believe in God
He is just like stiff rod

Didn’t listen to our prayers
Took most beautiful heart share
Now I no more fear.

P. S. -We miss you badly Dadu.
Wish you could come back.

By Sampriti Das
Your Doyel(didu)


My Beloved Grandfather#3

I am tired of crying
Having an aching heart
Full of cuts
So deep
Cannot be healed.
Don’t know what is my sin.
Why did go away Dadu?
I miss you so much.
We miss you so much.
You are our shinning star.
That is now so far.
I want this boon…to see you soon.

By Sampriti Das
Your Doyel(didu)

My beloved Grandfather#2

Tears rolling down
Face only frown
Mind only thinks about you
How could you flew?
Watching your picture
Guessing our future
So lonely without you
Words left few
You wanted me to become doctor
But I didn’t have that factor
Your wish stays incomplete
Life is like blank sheet.
Why did u betray us?
Left us in such a rush.

P. S. We miss you badly. May your soul rest in peace.

By Sampriti Das
Your doyel(didu)

My Beloved Grandfather#1

Why did you go away?
Didn’t give us time to pray.
I have seen you becoming stiff.
We have fallen from Cliff
Your feet were cold and turned yellow.
Is life so shallow?
Only tears we shed!!
Now you are our late
Late grandfather
But still I feel u will come back
And fill this lack
Feels like worst dream
And I can only scream
Ohh my beloved grandfather
You were our biggest shelter
Only tears we shed!!


P. S. -We miss you badly. May your soul rest in peace.

By Sampriti Das
Your doyel(didu)



Die living!

Screenshot_20170513_164831Everyday I fail
Every night I regret
Every decision made
Makes me tears to shed
Shouting out loud
Couldn’t make anyone proud
Screams and agony
Thats all I get daily
No more courage to fight back
I have become More than a sack
I am dead living
Trying to live
But I die living !
But I die living!

By Sampriti Das(doyel)

OH God!!

Screenshot_20170512_114851Oh God! help us please.
Let our pain cease.
Give thou blessing.
We are your children so loving.
How can we live without thou affection.
Let our heart submerge in devotion.
Show the right direction.
Oh! God protect from demolition.

Oh! Lord show mercy please.
Two chattapis more than enough to feed.
Protect us from disease.
Let the difficulty ease.


By Sampriti Das(doyel)


You💖 #2

1494506200799Heart feels beautiful like rose.
Mind needs single dose.
That is YOU…
You came from nowhere.
Now you are everywhere.
Day and night..
Morning and evening.
Mind only talks about you.
Ears only want to listen your voice.
Each moment I rejoice.
Life has got a different meaning
I never knew…
Something like this would happen.
My life could be enlightened…
You are my hope in dark.
Belief in pain.
You have started becoming mine
In so less time!!!

By Sampriti Das(doyel)