Every betrayal by you Shrinks my heart. Even the smallest of pain given by you. Makes me bleed to the infinity. So does your slightest Touch of affection Makes my body go In Sparks of dreams. By © Sampriti Das (Doyel)

Want to fall in love like the first time

I want to fall in love like the first time But maybe my first was a crime And second would be a sin I want to feel that madness in love But maybe I have no passion left in me And madness lost with the wrong love I want to fall hard and then rise … Continue reading Want to fall in love like the first time


Your love left my wounds open. Here I stand broken. More feeble than before. Leading to scary loneliness without any cure. This loneliness is tearing me apart. There is an emptiness in the heart which increases everyday. Like an endless bay. The void is spreading all over body and mind. Is making me blind. This … Continue reading Loneliness